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My name is Alex Petrovich (a.k.a AL Yeti Bones). I’m a musician and also the author of a music industry book called “The Mistakes I’ve Made”.  I am also a Group Benefits Specialist in Canada. My journey though, started four years ago when I weighed 315 lbs, and had always struggled with my weight prior to that as well. I began a ketogenic lifestyle that saw an initial weight loss, and then I stalled out. It wasn’t until I found the Carnivore, animal based diet that everything kicked into high gear for me. I am proud to say I am down 125 lbs and have been able to keep it off ever since. My motivation is, and always will be to help, and inspire others. I want to give back and coach others, teaching them what I have learned and how to properly improve their health the right way. This is not a dogmatic approach. This is a “I stand before you, having tried every single humanly thing possible, and nothing worked until….” I started the Carnivore Diet approach.



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