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Experience in: loose stools, constipation, muscle stiffness, joint stiffness, bloody stool, anxiety

Hi fellow or future carnivore!

I’m 60 and have been eating mostly meat, eggs and dairy since July 2018. I came across Dr.Baker’s “escapades” early in 2018 while researching if a carnivore diet might be the best for me and my doggies, Mike and Charlie. I had previously dabbled in Atkins, Ornish, Paleo, Primal, Bulletproof, Wahls, PHD and most consistently animal based keto for a year before dropping plants completely.

Here are the changes I have observed (in chronological order) since going carnivore:

  1. No BM for two days. By the 4th week it stabilized at one BM every day or every other day. I’ve had loose stools and slight constipation, but have managed to sort that out. Now it is mostly Bristol Stool Chart Type 4. 
  2. On day 4 I realized that it was easier to get into my car! By now, January 2020, generalized muscle and joint stiffness has improved in a way that I can best describe as feeling like I’m 14.
  3. Upon waking on day 5 I realized that my teeth were smooth. Since then I only notice slight fuzziness by the end of a day.
  4. By day 8 I noticed when taking a shower that my body felt tighter! I flexed my biceps and they were much more solid than I could remember. I had not been exercising because of point 5!
  5. At the same time I began to notice that my joints were less achy. My wrists had been so bad that I opened the shower faucet with an elbow or foot from time to time.
  6. By day 14 I realized that I had not noticed blood in my stool for a long while! It has not recurred since.
  7. Also on day 14, I noticed that my urine flow was stronger. I have had two TURPs in the past 25 years. Flow again decreased after each TURP but is now significantly better than pre-carnivore. It is not like it was at 18, but one never knows what is possible!
  8. Still on day 14 I changed from pant size 36 to 34. I am 6’2” and 200lb.
  9. It took me a while to realize that my anxiety and need for perfection have been decreasing while my mood and ability to execute have improved. This was abundantly clear by the end of the third month. It is somehow still difficult to wrap my head around the lightness and brightness that I now experience every day!
  10. From October/November 2018 I noticed that my teeth no longer hurt while walking the dogs at temperatures below 0 C to as low as -27 C.
  11.  Now, January 2020, I can also report that severe lower back pain, which immobilized me at least twice a year since my mid twenties, has not recurred, and I have not experienced near misses either.

Going carnivore has been an ongoing life-changing experience for me, and I am excited to see many positive changes in the lives of others!

You’re welcome to call!

2 reviews for Adriaan L

  1. JJ Starr

    Adriaan and I had an excellent discussion today, July 3, 2021. He offered me some great information and suggested particular pages on the MeatRX website that would help to set myself up for success. We discussed many areas of the carnivore diet. All bases were covered and I never felt rushed. I will definitely book future appointments with Adriaan. On a scale of 1-10, I give him a ten!

  2. Jessica Balding (verified owner)

    Adriaan was very thorough, helpful, and kind. He recommended some great resources

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