Aaron S.


Experience in: weight loss, energy, addiction, meal planning, discipline, stall, auto-immune, organs


I’m Aaron, I’m a carnivore diet coach, and father of 6.

I’ve been seeking the most optimal diet for humans for many years now. I’ve done everything from vegetable-based to strict carnivore, giving each years to prove their benefits.

Working through the nuances of the carnivore and ketogenic way of eating (and living!) has been a challenge at times, but it’s help me keep my weight optimal (185 @ 6′), provided steady muscle gains and gives me energy, performance and mental clarity throughout the day. I’ve had personal experience with poor eating habits, low motivation, muscle loss,

occasionally consuming too much alcohol and being too sedentary over the years. Before I took an interest in my health and life, I was at 235 lbs., depressed and generally felt pretty hopeless. Today, all that’s changed. I’d love to help you get to that place – fix eating priorities, food habits – including dealing with the objections you very well might run into in your own family – and help you find your optimal diet and start building good habits today!

Schedule a meeting for:

  • Individual and family meal planning
  • Food prep help & hints
  • Selecting the right animal to eat
  • Avoiding toxins in everyday life
  • How to deal plant-based co-workers
  • Family/Social conflicts & objections
  • How to encourage your significant other
  •  Carb, alcohol & sugar addictions
  • Organ meats

Looking forward to helping you reach the other side!


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