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  • Amber W

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    Experience in: obesity, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, acid reflux, rosacea, bloating, Raynaud's
  • Becky N

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    Experience in: weight loss, digestive disease, hormonal disease, thyroid, autoimmune, prediabetes
  • Karl L

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    Experience in: sugar and food addiction, weight loss, diabetes T2, exercise, skin, digestion, mood
  • Kiki F

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    Experience in: fatigue, rashes, tinnitus, chronic pain, stiffness, diarrhoea, constipation, TMJ
  • Mike S

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    Experience in: low fat diet, vegan, vegetarian, keto
  • Jill F

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    Experience in: weight loss, weight gain, body composition, hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders
  • Brooke E

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    Experience in: muscle mass, dental health, rosacea, anxiety, mood stabilization, skin sensitivity
  • Sarah H

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    Experience in: weight loss, inflammatory issues, gut issues, Hashimoto’s, DeQuervain’s tendoniti
  • Renay H

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    Experience in: thyroid, adrenals, realistic strategy, anxiety, autoimmune, mindset, depression, meno
  • Rachel A

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    Experience in: weight loss, body composition, energy, depression, anxiety, exercise recovery, pain
  • Veerle R

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    Experience in: depression, anxiety, sleep, sugar addiction, weight loss, PMS, emotional eating, mood
  • Bruno H

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    Experience in: heart health, cholesterol, energy, skin rashes, keto and intermittent fasting

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  1. Select a coach based on their profile. Then choose a date and time and click “Book now” and complete the payment. Then you will receive a confirmation email.
  2. The coaching session is a video call on the Zoom app. The coach will send you an email with an invite link to a Zoom video call.
  3. At the time of your coaching session, click on that zoom invitation link and it will automatically open the Zoom app and you can join the meeting.
  4. The coach will also email you a Pre-session Questionnaire to get some background info and assist you better.
  5. If you prefer audio-only, you can turn off your camera in the zoom meeting during the coaching session.
  6. After the session you can leave a review on the coach’s page. 
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