Summary of Standards of ethical conduct

for coaches

1. Be Kind, Courteous & have Integrity

We’re all on this journey together to create a welcoming environment as coaches. Let’s treat each other with mutual respect. Healthy debates are natural, but being kind, honest & fair is required. If you have any feedback for Revero send an email to, where we can address it. As a coach you are the representative of Revero and your positive attitude will affect clients and other coaches on the platform. 

2. No Hate Speech or Bullying

Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about things like their age, race, disability, language, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated & could result in banned from the platform

3. Respect Everyone’s Privacy

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make us great & may also be sensitive and private.  NO asking for or exchanging contact information on either Revero platforms. This is a violation of our privacy policy.

4. Competence

Coaches recognize the boundaries of their particular competencies and the limitations of their expertise. They provide only those services and use only those techniques for which they are qualified by education, training, or experience. Do not offer medical advice.

5. Concern for Others’ Welfare

Coaches seek to contribute to the welfare of those with whom they interact.  When conflicts occur, coaches attempt to resolve these conflicts and to perform their roles in a calm responsible fashion that avoids or minimizes harm. Coaches are aware of their responsibilities to the carnivore community.

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