Effect of Creatine and Weight Training on Muscle Creatine and Performance in Vegetarians

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URL: https://journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/fulltext/2003/11000/Effect_of_Creatine_and_Weight_Training_on_Muscle.25.aspx

Journal: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Publication Date: 11/2003

Summary: Vegetarian and non-vegetarian subjects were enrolled in this study of the effects of creatine supplementation vs placebo on creatine levels, body composition and functional performance. At baseline vegetarians had lower creatine levels. Creatine supplementation resulted in increased creatine levels, improved performance and more lean body mass versus placebo. These increases were greater in vegetarians and those that had lower initial creatine levels.

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Vegetarians who supplement with creatine, which is derived from animal products, improve performance and lean body mass

"Interesting", When Vegetarians Supplement with Animal Products, Performance Increases

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