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Getting Started On The Carnivore Diet Tips By Coach Kiki F

Ready to commit to a whole new way of eating? Thinking about taking the Carnivore plunge?

If you’ve spent any time on the Revero website, then you’ve read and watched some amazing Carnivore transformations. I can imagine you’re inspired and are hoping and wishing that YOU will be the next great Carnivore Success story, changing your life, and the lives of your whole family.

ONE – Know your WHY

I know this is a common mindset phrase but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Great companies, gold medal winning athletes and award winning pop stars absolutely know WHY they do what they do.

You want to lose weight? WHY? Make a list of 10 reasons – that reflect the outcome of your weight loss and inspire you to make the change MORE than staying where you are or slipping into worse health.

Some examples might be:

  • Dance with your daughter at her wedding and be the perfect partner to let her shine on this big day as well as step up your dance game with some of your moves from back in the day.
  • Throw your medications in the trash.
  • Shock your doctor with your great news and feel on top of the world.  
  • Coach your kid’s soccer team.
  • Take your kids to the ball game and easily climb to the seats all the way at the top of the arena.
  • Make your friends and family take a fresh look and see that you are a winner and you can keep commitments. 

Now I encourage you to make most of your 10 reasons positives. But, like the last example I share, some attitude and “me first” feelings can be very liberating and great drivers of WHY. Even if you are not a sports fan, you might be inspired by Michael Jordan’s acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame. In addition to his gratitude to those who supported him he also thrived by proving people wrong and fighting back at being left out of the spotlight. Jordan had a long list of personal grudges that drove him to greatness in an unparalleled pro-ball playing career and in multiple business successes. ANd he remembers every single one of them! Be present. Take charge and show up for yourself. 

TWO – Non-Scale Victories 

Most people begin a diet to lose weight. On a Carnivore Diet we are healing deeply and getting superior nutrition as we become nutritionally well and have an opportunity to move forward with our life of meaning free from so many daily health challenges and set-backs.

So in addition to the weight number on the scale, what are some other successes (Non-Scale Victories) that you are seeking?

Make a list of 25 Non-Scale Victories. 

Why 25? I am sure you have 25 reasons and it is worth digging deep to uncover them BECAUSE if your weight loss stalls or movs slower than you had planned, you will NOT give up hope or faith, you will not quit or go off plan because you have 25 more transformational reasons to continue! 

Here are some possible areas for non-scale victories:

Rashes, knee pain, back pain, headaches, chemical sensitivities, insomnia, tinnitus, exhaustion, sugar or coffee addiction, moodiness, terrible PMS, low libido, body composition, athleticism, depression, low self-esteem, inflammation, disability, neuropathy, social anxiety.

THREE – Hold the Vision

A powerful meditation is to visualise yourself as you seek to be – a Big Picture overview of your new and healthy life. See yourself wearing the clothes that you love, moving in the way you want to freely move, doing activities or travel you dream to do, enjoying things in your future that you may have given up due to restrictions of poor health. Practice this visual exercise daily and let it be a strong, inspiring and joy-filled exercise that keeps you motivated and on track. Did you ever daydream about winning the lottery? It is very powerful how excited we can get and how energised we can feel spending all that future money. Let your visualisation of this Big Picture Successful You be just as exciting (or even more) than your “I won the lottery” visualisation. 

Top athletes commonly share that the night before a big game or event, they close their eyes and watch themselves play the entire game, seeing each player on their own team or the opposition, acting and playing with strategy, skill and success, and victory. The next day  they go out and play that game just as they had visually prepared. And they win!

So in addition to your Big Picture vision of your new and wonderful healthy life, visualise your day tomorrow, or how the rest of this day will look. See yourself eating all the yummy carnivore food, walking by the cookie tray at the event, climbing stairs without using a hand rail, packing and carrying your own meals and easily eating them in a group or cafeteria. Before you go to the grocery store, rehearse the outing like the Super Bowl athlete, see yourself walking directly to the butcher section, choosing all the meat and meals for the next few days, easily strolling past the junk food aisles and happily carrying your nutritious foods to the car. 

The most important person in your life is YOU.

And you can best support and enjoy all those you love when you are happy and healthy and filled with gratitude for your amazing life and health. 

Put you first and these coaching tools will take you the distance and beyond. 

Revero looks forward to your Carnivore success story!

Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Tracy K

Suggestions for beginning the carnivore lifestyle include “Eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are full.” It is really quite simple, but it does take a little bit of time to adjust to this new way of eating and to also recognize when you are truly hungry and when you are truly at your full point.

Planning ahead is essential, so that you have the necessary foods available to you and at the ready for eating each day. Additionally, you would want to clear your pantry, refrigerator, and cabinets of any non-carnivore foods so that when temptation comes, you do not revert back to carb laden foods in a moment of weakness. Weaknesses will and do come when you are bored, have a very stressful day, or just need comfort. We all have these things happen, so if you are prepared, it will go so much smoother.

Another important item to address is throwing away the scales. They are not your friend and only cause a discouraged mind. You cannot measure how well you are healing by looking at the dreaded scales and you will feel so much better if you just give them away, or hide them from yourself in some way. Take measurements instead and you’ll see great change that way, plus the way your clothes fit.

There is no need to count calories, or macros, or carbs, etc. If you are eating carnivore foods only, you will be nourishing your body with the most nutrient dense foods, so do continue nourishing and realize there is no need to count since all meats are good for your body.

Instead, you might like to journal. Keeping track of what foods you are eating and how they are making you feel. This helps to keep in touch with your body’s cues and allows you to look back and see when you were feeling optimal and which foods you consumed when you were. Journaling can be very handy, not only for how you were feeling, but also for keeping track of the recipes or foods that you love and can go back to if you are wanting to change things up a bit.

Getting started & carnivore transition period by coach Elizabeth B

When you transition from a diet with carbohydrates of any kind that come from plants, it is best to start with a simple meal plan. You will be going through a lot of changes. Your gut bacteria that lived off of carbohydrates will die off. Other bacteria will thrive. This may occasionally cause bloating as the bacteria ferment in the intestines. 


Don’t be alarmed. It will gradually lessen and disappear completely. If you have not eaten animal fat of any kind for a long time, your gallbladder, which is a muscle that holds the bile to emulsify fat from your diet, will not be accustomed to reacting. It will not send enough bile to the stomach to break down the fat you are eating. 


If you have difficulty digesting the fat from the fatty meat you are now eating more of now, you may have diarrhea, cramps, or constipation. Your intestines are unaccustomed to the new ratio of protein and fat. Different enzymes break down grain and vegetables, and other enzymes break down meat.  


If your intestines previously had to break down mostly grain and vegetables, you may not have enough of the meat-synthesizing enzymes in your intestines. Fat and protein are broken down first in the stomach. This requires a good amount of acid, which will also be deficient if it hasn’t been required in some time, especially if you have depended on antacids to deal with indigestion all those vegetables were probably causing. 


I usually recommend ox bile to improve gallbladder function, betaine hydrochloric acid to help the stomach, and digestive enzymes, such as protease and lipase, to support intestinal function for the first month as you transition. Some people feel better taking easily absorbed magnesium, such as magnesium glycinate if they become constipated. 

Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Leah C

The Simplicity Of Carnivore: A Beginners Guide To Not Over Thinking

Congratulations! You have started a carnivorous diet! You are off to a new start in life. A life with less pain, less inflammation, weight loss, and more emotional stability. Many people have found success using meat based diets to overcome long term emotional and health issues. I started eating a meat based diet around two years ago. Back then ( a blip in time realistically, but an eternity in the world of the internet and social media) there was not nearly as much information – it was really just about jumping into eating animal products full time, then seeing where I landed. At the beginning I included dairy, and ate as much as I wanted whenever I was hungry. Over months, I lost weight and reversed a long standing chronic pain issue that threatened to take away my ability to walk. I am actually still eat as much as I want, whenever I want…and am known to include dairy! I came to carnivore from IF, so I have had experience with fasting but it isn’t useful for me on carnivore, in fact it makes me feel really sick. Your miles may vary. Some of you will do great with it. 


I want to share what I have learned over the past two years, especially as it comes to over thinking the most simple of diets. I hope it helps you, and I hope more than anything that it inspires you to not worry to much and to enjoy the journey! We don’t have to micro manage every aspect of our diets, and we don’t need a thousand supplements, or hundreds of new books, we only need to eat foods from the animal kingdom and adjust as needed.


1) Diet is not everything.


Diet is important. Diet changes our lives, our health, our mental health. But I don’t think it is the only thing to focus on. As much as you want to read every new carnivore book and delve into hundreds of hours of youtube videos, what you eat is rarely a satisfying topic to spend your life on. The best evidence that this works will be the health changes you feel directly. You are not joining a religion where you need to memorize the sacred texts. I became carnivore so I could regain my ability to walk and hike and move without pain. Not so I could argue about who needs to eat organ meat and who doesn’t. I eat meat and some raw dairy, and I focus on the adventures I want to have in my healthy body! Right now, it is preparing to sail the world. I really caution against getting caught up in carnivore politics. Keep it simple, eat animal products. If you need to tweak something, then tweak it. But think about what you eat as little as possible. You know you have reached success when you can focus on the life you want to live, not what you put in your face to fuel yourself. 


Also, diet can’t fix chronic stress, negative self talk, unhealthy relationships, or other similar issues. If you are taking the time to consider changing your diet, I really suggest taking the time  to do a lifestyle inventory. Take a deep inventory of the people, places, things, and influences in your world; then consider if they are helping you meet your goals or not. Sometimes diet is not the only thing we need to change in order to attain our goals. 

2) Give it 30 days before you mess with it.


Try at least 30 days of eating animal products before you complicate things. Include dairy if  you tolerate it. Eat the bacon. Enjoy the smoked chicken or omelettes. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat snacks! Just eat animal based foods. Don’t jump in restricting more than you need to. No one wins a prize for making their dietary world smaller or  for restricting more. If you can tolerate things other people can’t, don’t worry about it! I say this as someone who can’t eat eggs, is eating mostly raw meat, and has had dairy struggles over the years ( except in France where I live now). I would never, ever, suggest anyone give up something that is working for them. Eat the animal foods, and if it doesn’t work, take it from there.


3) If it is not working, don’t be afraid to change it.


If you are eating a wide range of animal products, and  you are not getting results, it is time to try something new. The first thing to try  is cutting out dairy. If there is no change after being dairy free for 30 days, you can take out eggs. You may need to play with lean  to fat ratios. You  may need to add organ meats. You may be sensitive to histamines. You may thrive with a fasting lifestyle. If you are 30 days in and not feeling any difference, now is the time  to dive in and do a bit of research. However, if you are seeing gains in one area ( chronic pain, weight, inflammation) than it might just mean that you need more time. Rome was not built in a day! And neither was your new carnivore bod! Look for the positive results. If you are having them in one area, stay the course. If you are not, try something new.

4) It is ok to ask for help.


This is where Revero comes in. Lean on your new community to make friends, to cry if your cravings get crazy, and to feel less alone. Everyone, trying anything big, needs a community to be successful. You might find that support on social media, on MeatRx, in your friend group ( if you are REALLY lucky and have some irl carnivore buddies)…however you find this community, never feel bad for leaning on it. I had some good friends I would message complaining about how I REALLY wanted ice cream when I started. They were a blessing for just listening to me. It helped  me to say it out loud to someone. Don’t be afraid to lean on others when you need help sticking to your goals. No one is an island. 


5) Have a vision for yourself.


How do you want to feel? How do you want to  look? I am not saying to create an unrealistic dogma that is throwing yourself a pass you can never catch. I am saying, do you want to hike a certain path? Do you have an adventure you want to go on? Are you looking for the energy to play with your  grandkids or go to grad school? What do you want in your life? What is a realistic goal? Eating meat for the sake of eating meat is….well….not really satisfying. But eating meat to get healthy to meet that goal you have for yourself is very satisfying. Do you want to learn country line dancing? Do you want to take your dog for a long walk? Set manageable, meaningful, goals. We are not vegans. Our diet is not an means to an ends. We are doing this because we want to feel good, have good lives, and forget about worrying about what we eat! Make a goal and stick to it! See how this way of eating can help you get there.

If you are willing to try this diet, pat yourself on the back! Because that is a brave step, and something a lot of people are not willing to even consider. I remember what a leap of faith it was for myself. We are going against mainstream nutritional dogma, and we are not doing it to be perfect, we are doing it to get some healing. We are doing it for results. The proof is in the pudding. Go slow, be patient with yourself and with your body, don’t remove foods that aren’t bothering you, and most of all focus on your progress. The biggest advice I have for beginners is to think about food as little as possible. Just eat the meat and drink water. Life isn’t about food, but eating the right food can make life a lot more enjoyable.

Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Raymond N

Preparing for the carnivore diet means that you should have as much meat in your refrigerator as possible.

  • Buy a lot of meat snacks (please avoid the sugary ones, if possible)
      1. Beef Jerky
      2. Biltong
      3. Droewors
      4. Pork Rinds
      5. Cheese sticks
      6. Cheese crisps
  • When shopping for any of these “processed” snacks avoid:
    1. Sugars anything that ends in ose is a sugar.
    2. Monosodium glutamate, yeast extract
    3. Anything you can’t pronounce
    4. Vegetable oils, canola/sunflower/soybean oils

What to eat on the carnivore diet

  •  Any animal product is allowed on the carnivore diet. “If it has a mother you can eat it” is the saying example: beef, bison, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, offal, eggs, dairy.
  •  Grain-fed beef or feedlot pork, chicken is allowed on the carnivore diet.
  •  For those who want to choose grass-fed beef then it is recommended to have extra fat added due to the leanness of grass-fed beef in general
  •  Spices are allowed due to the need of “variety” early on in the carnivore diet. 
      • Spices means anything that is in powder form. Accent or MSG is not allowed. Avoid this ingredient if any of your spices has that or yeast extract. These increase cravings.
  •  It is recommended to eat a 1:1 ratio by weight of protein to fat. So for every protein amount you need to make sure you have fat to follow it. It is ideal to err on the fat side if in doubt.
      • Example: add/cook ground beef patty, chicken, fish with butter.
      • Have a side of beef trimmings, bacon, pork rinds with lean fat meals.
  • Fat creates satiation and prevents the “hangry” situations.
      • If you notice you are more moody than usual the next day, it usually means you have not eaten enough, specifically fat.
  •  Dairy is allowed on the carnivore diet, although milk is discouraged (liquid sugar) to carnivores. Replace milk with heavy cream.
      • Heavy cream, cheese, butter are great ways to add to your fat intake, if tolerated.
      • Be very aware that with cheese and heavy cream you can have too much, so limit the amount of these if possible during transition
  • Honey is not recommended in the transition period.
      • Honey will spike insulin and therefore increase cravings and may cause you to lapse.
      • Honey is IMO not a carnivore food.
  • It is made by bees that chew pollen and regurgitate honey.


If coming from the Standard American Diet (SAD) or vegetarian, vegan diet, be very aware that the carnivore diet can be a shock to your body.

  •  Ways to minimize that shock
      • Vegans 
  • Begin with adding eggs to every meal, for at least 3 days, then for 3 days graduate to bacon, then finally last 3 days red meat.
  • Have full carnivore-only meals, for example have breakfast of just bacon and eggs. Do that daily for the next 3 days.
  • Have 2 full-carnivore meals for the next 3 days.
  • Then finally attempt a 100% carnivore for a full week.
      • SAD (Standard American Diet)
  • Coming from SAD diet, my advice is to add one single banana per day for the first week. Then wean off that banana on the second weak. Dropping from one to every other day to none.
  • You can also follow the vegan protocol to ease your journey.
  • Many people ask why not use avocado instead of banana
        • Avocado is high in fat and as you transition you have a hard time digesting fat so adding too much fat will tip you over to queasy.
        • Fiber in bananas will ease the burden of not having fiber all of a sudden,  and offer enough such so that transition is not slowed down too much.
        • Sugar in the banana is not a significant concern about increasing cravings.



  •  Recommended supplement
      • Electrolytes or Salt
  • This is probably one of the most important to begin your journey.
  • This will prevent you from having some negative effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, keto flu, etc..
      • Betaine Hydrochloride
  • Can help with digesting a heavy meat diet.
      • Ox Bile
  • Can help if you cannot handle the extra fat, which may cause a queasy and a constantly rumbly stomach.
      • Vitamins
  • Vitamins are not really needed but if they make you feel good continue taking them, while being aware of the fillers in any supplement.
    • Supplements can help during transition but keep in mind that once you transition you will not need any.

Fasting and exercise

  • We do not recommend fasting/exercise until you’ve transitioned.
  • If you are used to intermittent fasting then put a hold on it if you can.
  • If you insist on doing any of these just realize that this can/will increase cravings and can easily knock you off the carnivore diet.


Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Dana S

  1. Write down your “whys”.  Document why are you are switching to a carnivore diet, what is going on in your life that brought you to this way of eating, and what you are trying to change or heal. 
  2. Join Revero and attend meetings where you can ask questions, gain knowledge, get support, or find a coach.
  3. If you are an “all or nothing” kind of person, just start. Eat only animal-based foods …or go all in with just meat, salt, and water.  Know that this approach will likely bring stronger transition symptoms more rapidly, but healing may be quicker too. 
  4. If you are a “slow and easy” kind of person, try eating only animal-based foods at one meal a day for a few days or the first week.  Then try switching another meal a day to all animal-based foods for a few days until all your meals are animal-based.  Transitioning will likely be more drawn out but not be as strong.  Healing may be slower but without as much discomfort.
  5. Optional – Take before photos and continue to take photos along our journey.
  6. Optional – If you like tracking, feel free to track whatever you want, just know it is not necessary with this way of eating.

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