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Carnivore diet tips by coach Tracy K

Beginning the carnivore lifestyle: Eat when hungry, stop when satisfied. Plan ahead so you have food available for eating each day.  Clean your house out of off-plan foods if possible. Throw away the scales but do take pictures and measurements if you like to do measurements. No need to count anything, unless that is your thing. Maybe keep a journal of how you are feeling and what all you are eating so you can refer back to it in the future.

Tips for the transition period: Take good electrolytes (like Re-Lyte or Keto Drops) to help with adjusting in the beginning. Get lots of rest (try to plan some time off of many activities or work if possible starting out). Most important is finding places to communicate with other carnivores (Meatrx! 🙂  Support is SO important and if you think you need someone to be accountable to or ask questions from, hire a coach! (Meatrx- Tracy K:)

Tips for grocery shopping: Skip all aisles except meat and dairy and maybe cleaning aisles. 🙂 Plan your meals to the best of your ability, and stick to your plan! Shopping is SO simple!!

Tips for social situations: When going to a social situation such as Thanksgiving, plan, plan, plan! I often like to eat some meat before going so that I will not be tempted by coach less than optimal foods. Another idea is to bring a lovely meaty dish so share and one that you can enjoy as well, or a meat/cheese tray perhaps.

Tips for making carnivore easy:

The meaning of Carnivore is easy! Totally! It is the easiest lifestyle you’ll ever find! Carnivore = Easy! To make it the very easiest, plan your meals, buy your foods, and enjoy everything you put in your mouth! It’s a dream come true! You’ll wonder why you hadn’t always known how to eat this way!

If others ridicule  your lifestyle choices, be prepared with letting them know that this is how you choose to eat and the way that makes you feel your very best. If they try to tempt you to eat junk food, let them know that it will make you sick to eat those foods. Tell them that your body did not feel well when you used to eat carb laden foods. Explain exactly how they made you feel. Sharing the lifestyle with others just might help to bring them around to a healthier choice too! 

Cooking: Cook your meat however you enjoy it cooked. Your tastes may change as you go along, such as if you like it more well-done in the beginning, you may find that you like it closer to rare in later months. Tastes seem to change as you go throughout your journey, but you will be able to determine when you need to change something. I found that I didn’t care for chicken after a few months, but then around 2 years in and I’m wanting some again as we are going into the fall season and I love some yummy chicken soup and bone broth made with chicken feet. 🙂 Slow cookers are amazing as well as grills, air fryers, waffle irons, egg steamers, instant pots, etc.

Tips for dealing with cravings: The best way to deal with cravings is to be sure to eat enough meat/fat to keep you satisfied during your meals. Also, keep the craved foods out of your home or out of our sight if you cannot get them out of your home because others in your family are eating them. The longer you are on carnivore, the easier the cravings are to deal with. They basically just go away if you are eating plenty of meat and fat at your mealtimes.

Fatigue – in the beginning of the carnivore lifestyle, fatigue can be expected. It is not something that cannot be worked through but does happen as the body is adjusting to the lifestyle with burning ketones instead of sugar. Rest is so important, not only in the beginning of a carnivore lifestyle but throughout the entire journey. Listening to your body is something very much needed for when to nourish, when to rest, when to move, etc. 

Food addiction & cravings – Meat is the answer to food addiction and any cravings. If you crave something to eat, eat meat. If you are not hungry enough for meat, then it isn’t true hunger. Listening to the body is again so important. Cravings subside with time and lots of meat! Eat meat when hungry, drink water when thirsty!

Gout: Caused by coach sugar, not by coach meat. I understand that gout can get worse in the beginning of eating a carnivore lifestyle, but will eventually heal as the body heals and rids itself of oxalates and inflammation. 

Hypertension and weight loss: These conditions all go hand in hand. Losing weight helps with sleep and hypertension and eating meat and fats helps with all three. I noticed after going carnivore that I began to have a drop in blood pressure around my 3rd month and was able to reduce my medication. So my recommendation would be to stick to it for the first three months for sure and beyond for sustained healing. 

Sleep: For sleep, I recommend using a blue-blocking pair of glasses as well as eating meat/fat. The ones that I used are called BLUblox and they are super great for reducing blue light, especially in the evening. They have ones that you can order and use for day use while using your computer or watching TV too. They were very helpful to me as I would wear them about an hour to an hour and a half before bedtime and I could almost rest assured (no pun intended) that my body would produce a good amount of melatonin to help me fall asleep. Additionally, eating meat/fat helps the body to heal, and while healing, sleep happens quite nicely. I believe many people have different levels of hypertension trouble as it could be dependent upon age, current health conditions, etc. Give your body time to heal and you will be amazed! 

Carnivore diet tips by coach Brett L

  1. Only eat when hungry
  2. When hungry only eat meat till you are not another bite full. 
  3. Only eat the meat you crave & can afford.
  4. Never EVER put a sweet taste into your mouth.

Getting started on the carnivore diet 


1: Follow the directions so you can reap the rewards!

  1. a) only eat when hungry
  2. b) When hungry only eat meat till you are not another bite full.
  3. c) Only eat the meat you crave & can afford.
  4. d) Never EVER put a sweet taste into your mouth.


2: Be patient! It took years & perhaps decades for your health to bring you to where you are today. It will take time for your body to heal & there is no way to speed up the process.


3: You will make mistakes along the way because that’s what humans do. When you realize you made a mistake, learn from the experience so you don’t repeat it & move on!


4: Do NOT be afraid of eating only meat. It’s what we were designed/evolved to eat. Your kidneys are not going to explode. Your arteries aren’t going to get “clogged up” from eating bacon & you won’t get type 2 diabetes from only eating meat. 


Sleep: Drink 6 to 10 oz of hot homemade bone broth 1 hour before going to bed. Bone broth is very relaxing and soothing!


Hope this is useful 🙂

Carnivore diet tips by coach Becky N

Tips for beginning the carnivore diet ~ Eating a variety of meats from the animal kingdom, animal fats(beef fats-suet or trimmings,bacon grease, pork fat, duck fat, butter/ghee), and keeping electrolytes(sodium, magnesium, potassium) balanced as well


Tips for the transition period ~  Stick with it & trust the process first couple of weeks then week 6 and/or week 8 can be rough but you will be thankful and break the bad relationship & addiction when you trust the process & lean on the Revero community


Tips for grocery shopping ~ if you are shopping from a grocery store watch sales and/or your bulk stores(sam’s-Costco), otherwise shop local & maybe reach out to your local farmers and you may be able to work out a deal with them as well.


Tips for social situations ~ try to either eat before you go so your not overly hungry but most social gatherings have a meat source plus a meat/cheese tray. Enjoy some sparkling water or club soda. If you are dining out then you can always tell the restaurant you have an allergy and they will make the adjustment. 


Tips to make carnivore easy ~ keep things easy, jump into the Revero meetings to help with support & keeping the right mindframe


Tips for cooking meat ~ you can sear it in a pan, air fryer, grill! Pat it dry then add salt use your method of cooking to your doneness. Add fats after cooking

Tips for dealing with cravings and staying accountable ~ EAT BACON! Don’t put the taste of anything sweet in your mouth. Replace the bad addiction/habit with a better healthier habit such as walking. Eat enough fats and meat to keep yourself full to prevent your craving, don’t do fasting

Carnivore diet tips by coach Dana S

Carnivore is a really easy way of eating

  1. Most meats can be cooked and plated in 15 minutes or less on stove top. 
  2. You can cook extra food like a roast or tenderloin and eat on it for a few meals.  These are good to take to work and reheat.
  3. Cooked Steak is good cold. 
  4. Ground beef, eggs, or bacon are usually super quick and easy to cook.
  5. Ninja Foodi Air Fryer and pressure cooker or similar options can cook even when you forgot to thaw. 
  6. Cook and freeze single servings…from meat to homemade bone broth. 
  7. You don’t have to do anything fancy.  Many of us eat the same thing every day and are both happy and satisfied.
  8. Feel free to try different foods.  Check out the recipes on MeatRx, or the weekly cooking meeting. 
  9. Always eat to satiety.  Eat like it is your job. 
  10. Avoid trigger foods, or the taste of sweet, especially if you are a carb or sugar addict.
  11. Have homemade bone broth and easy animal-based foods on hand, like butter, cheese, bacon, left over meats, eggs.
  12. Get a coach and establish a support system if you can
  13. Join Revero and use the community for support
  14. Look for recipes before you are hungry and need them to avoid them being a trigger.

Carnivore diet tips by coach Michele F

To keep it easy, some find that it’s best not to begin with recipes and keep your food “plain and simple”. This will help you re-engage in the actual taste and texture of meat itself.  Keeping your food simple gives you more time to enjoy and engage in other activities.  In the beginning of your journey, it may be easiest to just purchase one type of meat, most weeks, such as steak. You can easily sprinkle a little salt over the steaks and put them in a pan in your broiler. Carnivore stays rather easy because there are few dishes to wash! However, there are some tricks to keep clean-up even faster and easier. I like to add a small amount of water to the bottom of my broiler pan to keep the meat from sticking; it helps make clean-up a cinch. Using the broiler is an easy way to get grilled flavor, even if you don’t have an outdoor grill.


It’s great to cook several pieces of meat at once so that you have leftovers for the next few days in the fridge. If you are not highly sensitive to potential histamines in leftover food, having leftover food available can help make sticking to carnivore even easier.


When travelling, it can be a great help to have some carnivore options handy. My personal favorite is the Carnivore Bar (https://carnivorebar.com/). It tastes fantastic, is shelf-stable, high-fat and super portable. I love keeping these in my home to eat on days when I may just want a smaller meal or haven’t gone grocery shopping, yet. I have taken these bars on camping trips and even have stored them in my emergency home kit and Go-Bag. They are the size/shape of a “granola bar” so they don’t draw unwanted attention from others, and they have seriously made my travelling, working, and commuting easier as a Carnivore. 


Other great options for simplifying the Carnivore lifestyle (especially when travelling, commuting or otherwise being on-the-go) are Carnivore Snax (https://carnivoresnax.com/) and Pemmican sticks (https://grasslandbeef.com/beef-pemmican-honeycherry-free-bar). 


I have no affiliation with these companies except that I have eaten and loved them all, and I’ve been so appreciative to them for making my carnivore transition and journey even easier and more pleasurable.


One wonderful thing about Carnivore is there’s often no need to snack! Many report feeling full and satisfied most of the day! We can often go longer periods of time without needing to eat. However, especially in the beginning of a new way of eating, it can still be anxiety-provoking to be in an airport or train station and become hungry without knowing what Carnivore options are available. These are the times when having a Carnivore Bar, Carnivore Snax, Pemmican Bar (or even simply a packet of salmon and a fork) tucked neatly into my suitcase or bag can bring me a feeling of ease and reassurance (and keep Carnivore easy!)

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