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Catherine improved digestion, immune system, mental health on carnivore diet

I began eating an animal-based diet in October. Now I can walk again! We put my wheelchair in storage. I have MS, and I was deteriorating steadily over the course of 25 years. I had never had a period of remission before. I didn’t know what remission would feel like.

Wow. I had lost bowel control, lost ability to balance, and my vision was increasingly blurred. I was developing dementia, dysautonomia and seizures. I was malnourished and anemic, with LGS and IBS-d. I was on Fentanyl and lots of other meds. I stopped the narcotics in January, but I didn’t improve, and my pain was unmanageable.

I have had pneumonia twice this year. I spent an average of one week per month in hospital. But after starting a ZC WOE, I haven’t been in an ER or hospital since October, which may be a record for me!

I’m not going to die just yet. I can drive short distances (I drove for the first time in 2 years recently). Now I have to figure out what healthy people do; I don’t really know. I honestly feel like an infant, or a person who was comatose for a couple of decades. Memories are coming back in chunks.

I used to be an opera singer, then a school teacher. I haven’t worked since 2006. I don’t have enough stamina to work yet, but I truly expect that I eventually will. I can’t wait! I can sing and play piano and flute again. It’s exciting!

I have fine and gross motor skills. I can thread a needle (before, I had intense tremors)! I’m still forgetful, but it’s getting better each day. I still get pain, but it’s only occasionally instead of unremitting. I don’t contemplate suicide. I don’t fantasize about taking narcotics.

This Christmas I will be with family. I haven’t been in their company since my father’s funeral in 2015! It’s as though we don’t know each other. And I don’t really know who I am besides an invalid. Life is for learning.

My husband has been my primary caregiver. We don’t know how to relate to each other now. Sometimes that causes stress because the change has been so rapid. But I don’t ever want to be so dependent again.

Elisabeth improved dental health, digestion, fitness, mood on carnivore diet

I started ZC 15 March 2015. I was on a strict Ketogenic Diet before, which did help with my osteoarthritis. A fat-fast made me pain-free. Adding veggies back made my pain come back. I did research about if I could survive without veggies, and found the group, Zeroing in on Health.

I came from strong painkillers and severe pain, to a life without medication and pain-free, most of the time. I have had asthma all my life. It is gone. My seasonal allergies are reduced, and I don’t need any medication on ZC. My tinnitus is gone. My gut troubles are gone. My dental health has improved. Hormonal improvement.

My skin is more healthy than ever. I have a bigger overarm now, than when I was training intensely, with no training.

Best of all, I was fighting a depression, which wouldn’t leave. I have had depression since childhood, very often. I haven’t had any, on zc, not even now, when my Company was bankrupt. I do have a mental clarity on ZC that I never had dreamed of. I am really more me, and I dare to live in the moment.

My libido is better than ever, and I feel younger than I have felt in many years. I am 50 years old.

I love meat, and I love what it does for my body. I was a carboholic, and now I have no cravings, at all. ZC made my life so much better.

Yours sincerely,
from Denmark.

Listen to Elisabeth’s interview on the podcast with Coach Tracy below:

Gretchen’s husband got rid of reflux on a carnivore diet

Hello dr. Baker,


My name is Gretchen and I want to tell you about my husband who always struggled with IBS and severe acid reflux.


No need for meds anymore

We never went anywhere without Tums and his steroids that were issued by his gastroenterologist. He was told his IBS was caused by a genetic disorder and would lead to Crohns. Within a week of doing Carnivore, his reflux was virtually non existent, and he hasn’t touched his steroid meds in months.

Robin heals from epilepsy, seizures, and joint pain on a carnivore diet

Hello, my fellow carnivores (or the “carnivore curious!”) My name is Robin, and I live in San Diego. I am 57, and have been a carnivore for 2 years now. My story is not one about looking cute in a bikini and losing weight, although I did lose 35lbs and 5 inches off my waist. To me, that was a pleasant side effect of going carnivore!

My main story is about epilepsy. I’ve had a seizure disorder since I was 22, and I’ve tried multiple ways to control these seizure disorders: (multiple medications, no medication) with varying degrees of success. I’ve been on a keto diet to help control these seizures since 2008, and that was partially successful; the seizure disorders did partially improve with keto. However, since I’ve gone carnivore, my seizures have completely gone! Not just improved/better/marginally better, they’re GONE! That to me is like having a whole new life. It is amazing!

While I hesitate to pronounce officially “cured” of my seizure disorder, because I am not completely free of medications yet, at the current time I am taking one fifth of the medication I used to take on a daily basis. That is a major load off my metabolism! The anti-epileptic medications have multiple side effects, including things like osteoporosis that I would rather not get…

In any case, while working my way off that bit of medication, I am feeling awesome! I am back to my highschool weight and muscularity, I have no pains in my knee joints (they used to creak!) and something strange has happened…people keep asking me about my skincare routine. They say my skin is just glowing and luminescent! I am not using ANY skincare products at all at the age of 57. I don’t need them! I tell people I am “moisturizing from the inside out.” I think that’s what the carnivore diet does for you.

I hope as many people as possible will try the carnivore diet! What do you have to lose except your eczema, your IBS, your creaky joints, and all those other things that are wrong that we simply attribute to normal aging? That is NOT normal aging! For me, “normal aging” means feeling awesome at 57! That’s what I am doing. I wish you all the best success as you carnivore on!

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