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Ryan Healed his Crohn’s disease symptoms on a carnivore diet

I’m Ryan. I was encouraged to share my success on eating a nose-to-tail carnivore diet.
Almost one year eating nose-to-tail carnivore/animal-based, and labs today confirmed that it’s not all placebo effect. I started this lifestyle to get my Crohn’s Disease and iron-anemia under control. Numbers show improved red blood counts and lower inflammation markers, the exact results I had been hoping for. 
None of my IRL friends or family believed in me, and all thought I was crazy, going to have a heart attack, that I needed vegetables and fruit to be healthy. Eating raw liver and raw dairy was dangerous. I’m sure you’ve all heard it too. My only support was the Carnivore groups here and on Instagram. I had already lost my large intestine and gallbladder, both at 27, I’m 32 now and determined something had to change because I wasn’t really improving.
Success feels good. It feels even better when no one expected it from you. Just wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation to you all, I’d have probably given up if not for the advice and success stories everyone has shared.

Xavier no longer has MS symptoms on a carnivore diet

Xavier no longer has MS symptoms on a carnivore diet

Hey all! 

My name is Xavier, french, grew up in the states, lived in China for work, and now live in Greece.
I am definitely willing to be interviewed if you guys/gals would like!
Brief story, after a decade of negligence for my own health (when you’re young you’re invincible right?!) eating whatever, drinking whatever, not realizing that going to the bathroom twice or three times a day with the occasional bloat or cramps was NOT NORMAL.. At 26 years old I woke up one day with double vision, and a numb leg. I was then diagnosed with primary progressive MS, my fiancee at the time left me for that reason. Overweight, descending into darkness, with basically a death sentence hovering above my head, I was figuratively in the darkest gutter moment of my life. Having always had a fascination with biology, physics etc (Education was in those fields) at some point a few months after the diagnosis, I decided I wouldn’t just accept the fate that the neurologists handed to me, and I would turn over every stone, look in each crack that the universe has, to find solutions (a bit of a hyperbole I know.. but my passion for this subject translates to my written word..)

Everywhere I looked, doctors would only try to treat or alleviate the symptoms of the condition, and wouldn’t even DARE suggest anything that would remotely try to fix the CAUSE of the disease.. Every doctor I talked to, including the ones at reputable institutes in France, mentioned the same things whilst looking at my MRIs, and none would acknowledge any of the studies I mentioned, and certainly none would even dare to give me any hope that there might be any promising new studies on treating the condition. 
And that’s where I started looking at actual research on MS (which at the time was lacking as it is still a misunderstood condition, and each researcher has his/her own theory on the root cause of it, and chose the two MOST likely causes for the condition based purely off of my own sense of logic I then went looking for ways (short of a bone marrow transplant) of fixing those causes from all angles. Which led me to cutting out all carbs and fiber (for leaky gut syndrome). I was not a complete carnivore back then, lets just say a more strict keto than what you’d find on your garden variety blog/magazine about keto. I also incorporated exercise, HIIT training, and weight lifting. And intermittent fasting. (Back then I also used to take supplements; i.e strong multivitamins, creatine, B12 complex, Vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids etc..etc..)
My body was getting better by the day. My MRI’s were showing less and less inflammations. I then transitioned to a 90% carnivore diet, with prolonged water fasts (longest was 18 days) I still usually do a prolonged water fast of about 8 to 10 days once a year, and once every three months or so ill do a 48 upto 72 hour fast. 
About 2 years later, i was flare-up free, I got off the meds, but the psychological trauma of what i went through remained and still did not let me ‘relax’. My passionate research into MS, medical studies, diet techniques, fasting never ended. I had noticed that the more meat I would eat and the less greens, my digestion would be even better, my ‘bathroom’ moments were helluva easier, more consistent and clean’. So I decided to forego vegetables and go ALL MEATS… and i’ve never felt better.
I am now 34 (8 years later) and still no flare ups, 6 years off of the daily injections. I am in better health now than at 20 years old. Happily married with a beautiful Greek woman, who shares my passion for health. And she joins me on the water fasts for the health benefits (and she also noticed the slight increase in fat loss bonus hehe) When we started dating I explained to her my diet, and the reasons that led me to it, and she became just as fascinated as someone with a medical condition looking for answers would be. We are both carnivore! 
To be 100% honest however, we humans ARE creatures of vice, and once in a while (usually twice a year), we do ‘cheat’. If we decide that for a week or two or three we will eat non carnivore; still home cooked foods.. but sauces with sugars, maybe some desserts, some wine, etc… that comes with the understanding that the DAY after that agreed period, we will fast for a few days (4-6 days) to clean out all the ‘bad stuff’, and go straight back to carnivore! We did notice ups and downs with our respective weight during those periods of ‘cheating’ 
But we will ALWAYS revert back to carnivore… (even I during those periods.. after a few days, miss the feeling of having a body that feels like everything is working properly on carnivore.. and cant wait to grill a ribeye with some goat cheese on the side..
Sorry for the wall of text, although for sake of sparing you more; I omitted many details and skipped through a bunch of stuff, but left the essentials. I have attached a photo of the physical transformation. But what truly matters to me.. is the fact that I am longer scared of waking up, and suddenly not being able to move my legs, or arms, or eyes.. I guide others with MS here in Greece on carnivore and fasting, try to teach them about intestinal permeability, cellular autophagy, ketosis, danger of leptins, fiber, etc..  alas the ones that decide to go forward with it are few and far between.. Most people are afraid of the unknown, and after hearing my advice, most go to their physicians for counsel, which OF COURSE all modern physicians in a hospital will advise AGAINST a carnivore lifestyle.. All of them still think LDL will give you a heart attack for crying out loud… 
Thank you all for the hard work you are doing and spreading the word of these stories, helping other people heal and be the best version of themselves they can be!

My warmest and best regards,

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