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Kevin is fighting off multiple sclerosis on a carnivore diet

Kevin was diagnosed with MS in 2011. He also had Lyme disease and was bipolar.

In junior college, Kevin had “a vegetarian trash panda diet.” He ate a lot of oreos, ramen, and pop tarts. This continued for 5 years, and he believes it set the stage for his MS.

Kevin performed as a juggler at Renaissance fairs. He noticed something was wrong when he couldn’t do juggling patterns that he’d been doing for years. An MRI found brain lesions, as well as lesions on his cervical and thoracic spine. At 27, Kevin had MS. Kevin was prescribed immune suppressing medications that made him susceptible to infections.

But he wasn’t getting any better with the medications alone. His wife thought that a vegan diet could help him, so he started a low-fat, plant-based diet.

Kevin felt better for a month because he wasn’t eating his “trash panda diet.” But it didn’t last—he had an overall downward trend for the next 8 years.

He couldn’t tie his shoes, button his shirt, walk, cook for himself, or think. He often had to use a wheelchair and a scooter at big box stores.

Kevin found research stating that the bacteria that causes Lyme disease is symbiotic with nematodes (worms). Because he was diagnosed with Lyme, he began a protocol to kill parasites. He ate keto with big “freakin” salads. Kevin felt somewhat better but had joint pain.

Kevin found Dr. Baker and started carnivore. But he was “foolhardy” because the improvements were so amazing. “I could work out, I could walk in the heat and bright light.” He thought he didn’t need medication anymore and stopped it “cold turkey.” “Coming off the meds so fast was horrible.” Additionally, Kevin learned he needed to eat more fat and upped his intake.

In 2021, Kevin had an MRI that revealed he had regained some cranial mass; he had lost 5 1/2 percent of his brain mass as evidenced by an MRI a decade earlier. And his previous cervical and thoracic lesions weren’t visible.

Kevin has been carnivore for a year and eats mostly beef. He gets beef fat trimmings and slices them to snack on. His diet is 80-85 percent fat. At 6’4″ and 165 pounds, Kevin eats about two pounds of meat each day. He buys grass or grain fed, whatever is affordable and available.

At his last follow-up, his neurologist ordered another MRI. Based on its results, Kevin may titrate off his immune-modulating medication.

“So,” Kevin says, “I tied my shoes this morning. I can button my pants. I can walk around in the yard.”

After years, Kevin is relearning juggling sequences and reawakening neural pathways. “Emotionally, I’m a lot more level,” Kevin maintains. And he is able to attend a local college.

To function better, Kevin exercises using dumbbells, resistance bands, and bodyweight. He’s particular about sleep and says it’s critical for him. Kevin has bad days, but says they are better than the good days he used to have when he was vegan.

Kirsten feels alive for the first time on a carnivore diet

Kirsten was obese her whole life. When she was in first grade, she weighed 99 pounds. The woman weighing her said, “Oh, you weigh more than I do.”

Kirsten will never forget that moment.

Her family frequently had snacks at bedtime. Kirsten recalls eating ice cream sundaes in Tupperware containers before bed.

At her heaviest, Kirsten weighed 350 pounds. Her doctor never addressed her weight and prescribed medications like metformin.

Kirsten remembers being on the verge of death. She describes going up and down stairs at home as so painful that she would have to take the stairs one at a time and rest in between. Also, Kirsten couldn’t feel her feet or legs in the morning. She needed to stand in place for a few minutes before taking a step.

Kirsten had “horrible, horrible psoriasis” and red, swollen patches on her skin.

Before Kirsten tried the carnivore diet, she eliminated dairy, grains, legumes, and all forms of sugar. She ate meat, some vegetables, and fruit. After one week, she could feel her feet in the morning and had no pain walking down the stairs. “I felt amazing, and I knew, on that 7th day, I was never going back.” Kirsten continued eating this way for about a year.

She saw her doctor and told him what she had eliminated from her diet. His response was, “That’s not good for you. You need the grains and dairy.”

About a year later, Kirsten started her carnivore journey. One day, she just decided to eat only meat. “I had no issues switching.”

Her skin had shown a marked improvement. The dark spots all disappeared, and her skin was firmer. “I feel like I’m aging in reverse.”

Although her blood work when she ate a meat and veggie diet was good, her labs while eating carnivore revealed “perfect numbers.” The hospital couldn’t believe that she wasn’t taking any medication.

When she was eating the Standard American Diet, she constantly ate. Now she eats one or two meals a day and has “a ton of energy.”

Kirsten listens to her body and believes, “our bodies tell us exactly what we need.” Some days she craves ribeye, other days chicken.

“I love meat. I think it’s more satisfying than meat and veg.”

“I eat a lot.” Kirsten loves chicken wings, pork belly, and duck eggs.” My body craves a lot of fat sometimes.” One of her favorite foods is dipping chicken wings in duck egg yolks.

Kirsten says this is the best thing she has done for herself. The Revero community is very supportive, and she needs it. Every day she listens to a carnivore podcast to surround herself with like-minded people.

Kirsten’s advice for others: “Give it 30 days and think about all the benefits that will come from it. You will feel better and have so much energy.” And surround yourself with people on the same journey as you—find your tribe of people who support you.

Dunja healed Hashimoto’s and Alex healed perforated colon

Dunja describes their diet before carnivore as a healthy version of the Standard American Diet—home-cooked food, no junk food, meat, vegetables, and fruit. Alex adds that he did eat a lot of nuts and grains, thinking they were healthy.

Dunja found it very hard to focus, tired easily and learned she had Hashimoto’s. She then developed gout, knee pain, and joint pain in her right hand.

Alex recounts his illnesses: gout, arthritis, psoriasis, Hashimoto’s, kidney stones, IBS, shingles, migraines, acne all over his body, constant back pain, and diverticulitis. Diverticulitis landed him in the hospital, where he discovered he had a perforated colon. “I was a mess.”

He had to find something else because the doctors and medications weren’t working.

Dunja started on a ketogenic diet first to help her thyroid. Gradually, she removed gluten, nightshades, sugar, and dairy from her diet. She felt much better but continued to learn and read about anti-nutrients and their keto diet became increasingly restricted.

Dunja was able to resolve her Hashioto’s on keto, but not her gout, knee, and joint pain in her hand.

Alex felt better at first but then declined and thought something wasn’t right—he was getting joint pain. The more salads and greens he ate, the worse he felt.

His joint pain intensified, and it became difficult to get out of the car because he was developing hip pain.

They learned about the carnivore diet through podcasts with Dr. Baker and others in the space.

The diet sounded “very, very extreme” to them. But they listened to testimonies about finding relief from joint pain after two weeks of eating carnivore and decided to give it a try.

And, after his perforated colon, Alex was ready to try something else.

Dunja and Alex felt it would be easier if they both did the diet together.

For a few months after starting carnivore, Alex had diarrhea. He also experienced cramping and had to eliminate coffee. “Things are good now,” he says.

Dunja experienced oxalate dumping after beginning her carnivore journey. As oxalates were flushed from her body, the joint pain in her hand got worse. This lasted about two weeks, after which the pain was completely gone.

Dunja also explains that for the first few weeks, she was extremely hungry—she ate as much as her body needed and did not restrict calories.

Today, Alex is off all medications and supplements, though they both take vitamin D because they get limited sun exposure in the Midwest during winter.

Alex did take all sorts of supplements before and thinks they may have been why he had kidney stones. He says, “There’s no need for supplements because you get all the nutrients from meat.”

Dunja and Alex have been carnivore for a year and a half. They like beef and wild game. Dunja eats eggs, and Alex enjoys adding some lamb.

They both appreciate the social gatherings and say that people are very open and supportive.

Joel is off all medications and his doctors on a carnivore lifestyle

Joel was an engineer for Exxon-Mobil and developed autoimmune pericarditis after a viral infection. He fought it for years and had a bad flareup in 1988. He resigned from Exxon-Mobil and was put on SSDI disability for 10 years because of the pain and fatigue. In 2011 he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune arthritis that fuses joints. He was put on TNF blockers that cost $20,000 every six weeks.

“The pain from the arthritis in the spine was severe, and I was put on narcotic pain medicine 365 days a year, methadone and opioids. He developed chronic insomnia and was prescribed Ambien and Lorezapam to sleep.

“I was on seven prescription drugs over the last 12 years, and, uh, spent over three million dollars in insurance costs, medical costs, and hospitalizations. And then it got very bad this March. The inflammation caused an instantaneous spinal fluid leak from my brain. The neurosurgeons in Seattle hospital thought it was a life-threatening situation. They said I could get meningitis from the leak. It caused a debilitating headache pain; I could not sit up…they didn’t know exactly how to treat it as it’s a rare condition.”

His brother, a physician in California, sent him Dr. Baker’s book, The Carnivore Diet. He finished the book in 24 hours, and since “the doctors didn’t know how they were going to treat my situation” he decided he had nothing to lose.

Joel went on a carnivore diet on May 21st 2021, eating only beef, lamb, and water. Within three weeks, his CSF leak had stopped on its own. He was able to start reducing his prednisone dosage after three weeks, and taper off completely after six weeks. The diet also cleared him of back pain from his ankylosing spondylitis, so he was able to completely taper off all of the opioids after taking them for 10 years, 365 days a year.

He was able to taper off all of his other medicines, even for his heart. “Normally after one day my heart would go into arrhythmia, but after two months on the diet I was able to completely stop.”

Joel experimented with reintroducing foods, and found that gluten was the worst culprit, along with carbohydrates. He finds it easy to stick to the diet because “if I have a little, like one-fourth of a slice of bread, I lose vision in one eye and I have a headache. This helps motivate him to stay on his diet!

“No more infections, no more hospital, I had my energy back, then after three months I was able to start running. I have the best health I’ve had in twenty years. I’m off all medications; no supplements, not even a vitamin pill. I just eat the meat!”

Joel is now a grad student at University of Washington, and is getting his Master’s degree in social work. He also started a new company to focus on sharing the diet with others.

Suzi’s Multiple Sclerosis stopped progressing since eating the carnivore way

Suzi grew up in Battle Ground, Michigan, home of Kellogg’s cereal, and says growing up, she was encouraged to eat a lot of cereal and other grains. Suzi says she was overweight as a child and teen. When Suzi was seventeen, she wanted to join the United States Navy but was told she would need to lose weight before she was accepted. And so, like many young women, Suzi starved herself and went on a liquid diet to get herself thin enough to join the Navy.

Suzi lost enough weight to join and says her destructive diet habits stayed with her for the first several years in the Navy. Then in 1992, at twenty-one, Suzi said she wanted to start having babies and knew she needed to get her body healthier.

Suzi found the book “Protein Power” by Drs. Micheal and Mary Dan Eades. Suzi says she is a Christian and believes finding the book was “a God thing.” She began to learn about the importance of protein and the danger of carbohydrates. Suzi says the book helped her body become healthier, and she was able to have seven children.

Some years later, Suzi was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Then, in 2018, Suzi became very sick. Through a series of tests, it was discovered that Suzi had the babesiosis parasite, a parasite typically found in Africa. Suzi was in the hospital for over three months.

During her time in the hospital, Suzi began researching her health and discovered the paleo diet. She started to pay more attention to what she was eating. She ate whole foods, including plants, but began to notice when she ate meat, she felt her best.

Suzi then decided to only eat meat for one year. MS is caused by lesions on the brain. She says at the beginning of her meat-based diet journey, she had a brain scan performed and then another a year later. Suzi was excited to learn that no new lesions had formed on her brain. Suzi knows the slowing of her MS results from her meat-based diet. She says, “protein is a healer.”

Suzi says her diet makes her more intelligent and gives her better mental clarity. Suzi also says she has more energy following a meat-based diet. Suzi says she is trying to get her kids on board with eating more meat, but it has been a process. Still, she enjoys experimenting with making dried meat for her family and other snacks.

Today, Suzi is a primal health coach and says she does eat a few foods that aren’t meat. Suzi says a typical day for her includes eating two meals. Her first meal is usually whole grain rice, which she explains is processed in the body like a plant. She also eats yogurt during this meal, sometimes with a sweetener. Then for dinner, Suzi usually eats a big steak.

Suzi plans to take her thirteen-week primal health program to local churches. She says as a Christian, she feels she has a responsibility to teach other Christians about how to fuel the body they are given. She says, “we should not treat our body this way.” Suzi is grateful she has learned so much about nutrition and health and looks forward to continuing to spread the word.

Stephen healed Ulcerative Colitis on Keto and Seborrheic Dermatitis on carnivore lifestyle

Stephen has been a personal trainer since the early 2000s but says he didn’t learn about holistic healing until his health declined in 2009. Stephen began noticing blood in his stool. The problem progressed until 2010. Stephen sought medical treatment and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis– or ulcers in his colon.

Stephen says he ended up in the hospital three times for his ulcerative colitis. There were days when he was in the hospital, he could not eat or drink and often vomited. Beyond his ulcerative colitis diagnosis, Stephen also struggled with seborrheic dermatitis, inflammation of the skin, as well as sinus inflammation which he took medications to treat.

After his multiple health issues arose, Stephen began looking into alternative health treatments, including changing his diet. Soon after his ulcerative colitis diagnosis, Stephen followed the paleo diet, which morphed into a low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet. Stephen’s doctors were not supportive of his diet. Stephen was told to eat more fiber and less saturated fats. During his last hospital stay, he even had a doctor force him to eat a cookie before he would allow him to leave.

However, Stephen couldn’t deny that the fewer carbohydrates he ate, the better he felt. After spending some time following the keto diet, Stephen had his bloodwork tested by his doctor, who was shocked to find his ulcerative colitis levels were gone. His doctor told him, “keep doing what you are doing.”

Stephen began to lean in on his health and, in 2013, experimented with an all-meat diet. He says at the time, a local health food store was running a special on rotisserie chickens, so he only ate chicken for a few months– and felt great! Stephen experimented with other diets, including vegan and vegetarian, but says they both made him feel ill. He couldn’t deny that his body felt its best when he only ate meat, so in March 2020, Stephen committed to following the carnivore diet.

Stephen says he usually felt fantastic immediately while eating all meat, including his previous experiments. However, in 2020 he did experience some transitional issues, mainly diarrhea, which he thinks may have been linked to the supplements he was taking at the time. Since then, Stephen has only been thriving on the carnivore diet.

Stephen describes eating one meal daily, usually, after he gets home from work, around nine to eleven in the evening. Stephen loves eating steak, burgers, ground beef, and ground organs.

Stephen is a health coach and personal trainer and has been able to help his clients transition to the carnivore way of eating. Stephen says his advice to his clients usually starts with trying the paleo or keto diet before transitioning to all meat. Stephen says most of his clients come from a background of digestive and autoimmune diseases, and the carnivore diet benefits them.

Stephen is grateful that he has not only been able to change his health but the health of his clients, and he is looking forward to continued healing on the carnivore diet.

Brett reversed GERD, no longer suffers from joint and neck pain on a carnivore lifestyle

Brett has been self-conscious about his body and his weight for many years of his life. Brett says as a kid, he ate the “healthier” version of the Standard American Diet. His diet included lots of fruits and grains, and while he was a slender child and teen, he still had a bit of a stomach.

When Brett entered college and started eating more chicken nuggets and pizza, he quickly gained thirty pounds. Brett says he didn’t like being overweight, so he did what most Americans do, monitored his eating, and became more active. That worked until Brett graduated college and moved to New Orleans, where he performed a desk job and fell back into old habits.

Brett says he weighed around 185 pounds at 5’6”. One day he struggled to get out of bed and decided he had had enough. He began researching diets and found the Atkins diet (before it was heavily processed). From the Atkins diet, Brett transitioned to the paleo diet. Around this time, Brett moved overseas and said he was living his best, most active life. He was eating well and regularly exercised with cycling and workouts like P90x.

Brett and his wife moved back to the states. Brett went to a restaurant shortly after returning to the states and said he could immediately smell the vegetable oils in the restaurant. Brett says he and his wife also became very sensitive to the corn syrup in American foods after living abroad.

Brett continued his paleo lifestyle in America but gained ten pounds in just one month. In 2020, during the covid lockdown, Brett again fell into old habits. He stopped exercising and started spending more time snacking due to stress. Brett developed intense GERD and almost lost his life because of it. Brett was drinking coffee one day and said the acid felt like it went into his lungs. He instantly started coughing and choking. He soon passed out, and his wife had to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Brett knew he needed to make changes. He had heard of the carnivore diet and decided to listen to the three-hour Joe Rogan podcast feature Jordan Peterson. Brett says the very next day, he started his carnivore diet journey– that was six months ago.

Brett says he had some issues with diarrhea at the beginning of his journey, but after a few weeks, his bowels worked themselves out. Brett says he went from taking antacids every two hours to weaning himself off within a week of starting the carnivore diet. Brett also says his cravings and hunger disappeared within a few days, and he could easily transition to two meals daily. He even found the energy to start exercising, mainly walking, again.

Brett says at the beginning of his carnivore journey, he ate a lot of bacon but now only eats it occasionally. He has found his body prefers beef. Brett also does not eat dairy, as he has seen through experimentation that his body reacts to it. Brett still drinks coffee and says he added in beef liver because his body has started to crave it.

Brett says the carnivore diet has been very sustainable, and he loves how straightforward the diet is to follow. Brett appreciates the carnivore community and looks forward to where his zero-carb lifestyle will take him.


Yasmeen thanks to Carnivore after 7.5 years of being vegan, reversed skin, IBS and fibromyalgia

Yasmeen struggled for years with an eating disorder and malnutrition before deciding to follow the vegan diet for seven and half years– sending her body into a downward spiral. Yasmeen says she tried all types of veganism: fruitarian, raw, juicing– nothing worked. Her body kept suffering more and more.

Yasmeen says she met with a culture of gaslighting and guilting in the vegan community. Yasmeen had fibromyalgia, bloating, fatigue, and anemia. Instead of offering support, her vegan community told her she was “detoxing.” Yasmeen says she kept thinking, “I feel horrible, but I must be getting better.”

Yasmeen’s body was deteriorating quickly. She began to develop welts and sores on her tongue, and her doctors couldn’t determine what was causing the issue. Yasmeen also says her skin and gums were gray and looked very sickly. Yasmeen started seeing stories online of vegan deterioration. At that point, she began connecting the dots between her condition and diet.

Yasmee dreamed of raising animals like goats on a farm and said, “I knew my diet wasn’t sustainable.” One day she woke up and said, “I just knew I needed blood.” She decided to do a little experiment. She was craving eggs, which she hadn’t had in years. She ate two eggs in what she thought would be the grossest way possible–raw. She felt her “silly craving” would disappear once she tried to eat a raw egg. To her surprise, she says the eggs tasted incredibly creamy and delicious. Yasmeen says she doesn’t know what happened, but the moment she ate the eggs, her brain “zinged” back to life.

At this point, Yasmeen started questioning her vegan lifestyle. She had never consumed liver before but suddenly craved raw liver. Once she tried liver, she says it was like eating candy– she couldn’t stop eating it. Yasmeen also tried eating steak but says her body swelled. She would later learn her body was trying to dump oxalates, causing the swelling.

Initially, Yasmeen started her carnivore journey by eating many eggs and organs. She then started testing other foods to see how her body would react. She says, “the further I went, the better I got.” Today Yasmeen says a typical day consists of yogurt, eggs, and burgers. Yasmeen has also added in-season stone fruits to her diet, which she says helps with her microbiome.

Yasmeen healed her fibromyalgia, bloating, iron deficiency, and fatigue following the carnivore diet. She says she later learned that the sores on her tongue were caused by an imbalance in her gut, which the carnivore diet cured.

Yasmeen has also had some surprising side effects from adopting a carnivore lifestyle. She says she is now very fertile, and her body has recomposed itself so that she now has a more womanly figure. Yasmeen also says her gums, once gray, turned a healthy red just a few days into her carnivore diet journey, and her skin looks much more healthy and vibrant. She also says her nervous system was once frazzled and now feels like she is emotionally in a much better place.

Yasmeen knows now the vegan diet was detrimental to her health and says she will never put her body through veganism again. Yasmeen plans to follow the carnivore way of eating for the rest of her life. She says, “I know now that there is something that works.”

Kaitlyn is off all 12 medications and lives symptom-free productive life on carnivore diet

Before finding the carnivore way of eating, Kaitlyn had debilitating fibromyalgia. Kaitlyn says her diet for many years reflected the Standard American Diet. Kaitlyn was also diagnosed with pre-diabetes and, at just 5’2″, weighed 275 pounds, which she says she knows put a lot of stress in and of itself on her body.

Kaitlyn was put on many medications for her fibromyalgia. Her doctor told her at one point that her condition was not her fault; it was simply the lot she dealt with in life. Her doctor sent her to physical therapy, but her condition only worsened. Kaitlyn says she continued to lose the function of her hands and experienced extreme muscle fatigue and stiffness.

At just thirty-one years old, Kaitlyn lost function and developed “crab hands.” Kaitlyn was also diagnosed with kidney failure and perimenopause. Kaitlyn also says the inflammation markers in her bloodwork were “sky-high.” Kaitlyn describes her mental health suffering as her physical health kept deteriorating. Kaitlyn says she felt forced to stay in an unhealthy relationship because she could not work. Kaitlyn was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as panic disorder.

Kaitlyn says she knew in her heart her doctors were wrong and wanted to take control of her health. She first changed her diet by cutting out all processed foods, which she saw very little improvement from doing. She even had a physical therapist tell her she should not focus on eating whole foods and rather eat fast food instead to save her hands from the extra work that comes from prepping whole foods.

Kaitlyn then decided to try the ketogenic diet in February 2020. Kaitlyn says she didn’t feel much better despite losing ninety pounds in seven months while following the keto diet. She was still in a lot of pain. Then Kaitlyn heard Mikhaila Peterson’s testimony on the Joe Rogan podcast. Kaitlyn said Mikhaila’s story was much like hers, so she decided to jump into the carnivore diet.

Kaitlyn says within three weeks on the carnivore diet, she felt fifty percent better. Kaitlyn started weaning herself off her medications within two weeks of beginning the carnivore diet. She went from taking twelve medications a day to just one. Kaitlyn has also slowly added in lifting weights and says when she first started the carnivore diet, she couldn’t lift any weight. Now she is lifting forty-five pounds with her arms and one hundred pounds with her glutes.

Kaitlyn also experienced some side effects from her body experiencing oxalate dumping, but today feels better than ever. Kaitlyn says she was able to get back to work within a few months of being on the diet, thus allowing her to be financially independent and escape the unhealthy relationship she was in.

Kaitlyn says today she eats mainly beef; she has been eating a ribeye every day for the last ten months and says she still isn’t sick of it. Kaitlyn found out later in her carnivore journey that she has a histamine intolerance and has cut out pork and chicken. Kaitlyn has, however, added egg yokes back into her diet recently and says the extra fat helps her, especially around the time of her period. Kaitlyn says she has also discovered beef bacon from her butcher, which she loves.

Kaitlyn has been able to gain her life back thanks to the carnivore diet. She can work full-time and support herself because she is no longer in debilitating pain or bedridden for days. Kaitlyn says she has regained her mental health and her happiness. She says, “even my worst day as a carnivore is better than my best day when I was suffering from fibromyalgia.” Kaitlyn is thankful to Mikhaila Peterson for sharing her story and is looking forward to living her life pain-free thanks to her carnivore lifestyle.

Eric healed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, migraines, arthritis on carnivore lifestyle

Eric has struggled with food allergies and sensitivities for most of his life. Eric tried to follow the vegetarian diet for almost ten years, but the diet wreaked havoc on his body. Over time, Eric learned he has an allergy to eggs and sensitivities to many vegetables and grains.

Eric is a farmer and does a lot of lifting and moving throughout the day. He calls his workout “farm fit.” Over the years, Eric started to develop arthritis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, affecting his ability to do his job. Eric also developed high blood pressure and wanted to change his life.

Eric’s first introduction to a meat-based diet occurred in 2010 when he read the book “Primal Health by Michael Odent. Eric says he began understanding the benefits of eating meat and what his body needed but wasn’t ready to commit fully. He went on and off the diet for several years until this past year, he fully committed to the meat-based carnivore diet alongside his family.

Eric says he did have some transitional issues when he began the carnivore diet, mainly diarrhea. He jokes, “it took a couple of weeks to feel safe to leave my home.” Eric also noticed some changes in his sleep patterns. However, his bowels and his sleep seemed to correct themselves within two or so weeks, and he is now reaping the benefits of his meat-based lifestyle.

Eric says, for him, “the weight loss was quick.” Eric also noticed he could put on more muscle once he fully committed to the carnivore lifestyle, and his moods became more stable. His fatty liver disease and arthritis also disappeared; his blood pressure when he went to the doctor two weeks ago was 120/70. Eric’s doctor asked what he was doing to get his blood pressure down. Eric told him, “eating meat and salt.” His doctor responded with a quick, “don’t quit.”

Eric says he appreciates having support from his doctor. Eric also says a surprising side effect has been he no longer has an achy knee or back. He describes struggling to climb the stairs some days before committing to a carnivore lifestyle. Now aches and pains aren’t an issue at all.

Eric also seems to recover more quickly now that he is a carnivore diet follower. At forty-seven years old, Eric says he still enjoys skateboarding. A couple of months ago, Eric fell while skateboarding and injured his back. He says an injury like that usually takes him over a month to bounce back. However, his body was back to normal after only a week.

Eric says the carnivore diet is easy for him because he eats what he farms: beef and pork. He doesn’t have to shop for his meat; it’s right in front of him on his farm. After ten years as a vegetarian, Eric says he has no plans to return. He knows his body wants and needs meat. Eric plans to eat this way for the rest of his life. He says, “it just works.”


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