Hunter gatherers research

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Articles​

The paradoxical nature of hunter-gatherer diets: meat-based, yet non-atherogenic


Journal: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Publication Date: 03/2002

Summary: A review of the 20th century studies of hunter gatherer populations. HG consume approximately 65% of their calories from animal products. There is a low incidence of CVD in hunter gatherers

Key Takeaways

Hunter Gatherers consume a diet where 65% of their calories come from animal foods yet they have very low heart disease.

Dietary lean red meat and human evolution


Journal: European Journal of Nutrition

Publication Date: 06/2000

Summary: lean meat is a healthy and beneficial component of any well-balanced diet as long as it is fat trimmed and consumed as part of a varied diet.

Key Takeaways

Lean red meat has been part of the human diet throughout our evolutionary history, and is an healthy component of a modern diet.

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