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Hyperinsulinemia Predicts Fatal Liver Cancer but Is Inversely Associated With Fatal Cancer at Some Other Sites


Journal: Diabetes Care

Publication Date: 05/2001

Summary: Observational study of nondiabetic French men. Peripheral hyperinsulinemia, indicative of very high portal insulin concentrations, predicted fatal liver cancer in these nondiabetic men, but was inversely associated with fatal lip, oral cavity, and pharynx cancer; stomach cancer; and larynx cancer

Key Takeaways

A study of 6237 nondiabetic patients showed that elevated levels of insulin was associated with fatal liver cancer, but these patients also had less incidence of lip, mouth, throat, and stomach cancer.

Signs of impaired cognitive function in adolescents with marginal cobalamin status


Journal: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Publication Date: 09/2000

Summary: Data on dietary intake, psychological test performance, and biochemical variables of cobalamin status were collected from 48 adolescents who consumed macrobiotic (vegan type) diets up to the age of 6 y, subsequently followed by lactovegetarian or omnivorous diets, and from 24 subjects (aged 10–18 y) who were fed omnivorous diets from birth onward. Our data suggest that cobalamin deficiency, in the absence of hematologic signs, may lead to impaired cognitive performance in adolescents.

Key Takeaways

Feeding children vegan diets at young ages during crucial developmental periods may cause a decrease in cognitive performance due to Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Low total cholesterol is associated with high total mortality in patients with coronary heart disease. The Bezafibrate Infarction Prevention (BIP) Study Group.


Journal: European Heart Journal

Publication Date: 01/1997

Summary: These results in patients with coronary heart disease add weight to previous studies associating low total cholesterol with an increased risk of non-cardiac death.

Key Takeaways

This study shows an association between low total cholesterol and increased risk of death from any cause.

Nutritional vitamin B12 deficiency in a breast-fed infant of a vegan-diet mother


Journal: Clinical Pediatrics

Publication Date: 04/1986

Summary: Case report of breast fed infant of vegetarian mother that developed severe vitamin B12 deficiency

Key Takeaways

Vegetarian diets are low in vitamin B12, and breast feeding mothers who are depleted in this nutrient may cause deficiencies of B12 in their infants.

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