Carnivore diet tips by coach Brett L

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Getting started on the carnivore diet

  1. Follow the directions so you can reap the rewards!
    • Only eat when hungry
    • When hungry only eat meat till you are not another bite full.
    • Only eat the meat you crave & can afford.
    • Never EVER put a sweet taste into your mouth.
  2. Be patient! It took years & perhaps decades for your health to bring you to where you are today. It will take time for your body to heal & there is no way to speed up the process.
  3. You will make mistakes along the way because that’s what humans do. When you realize you made a mistake, learn from the experience so you don’t repeat it & move on!
  4. Do NOT be afraid of eating only meat. It’s what we were designed/evolved to eat. Your kidneys are not going to explode. Your arteries aren’t going to get “clogged up” from eating bacon & you won’t get type 2 diabetes from only eating meat.
  5. Sleep: Drink 6 to 10 oz of hot homemade bone broth 1 hour before going to bed. Bone broth is very relaxing and soothing!

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