Amber got rid of numbness in her hands and body on a carnivore diet

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When she was 27 years old Amber was eating a standard American diet and began experiencing some serious neurological symptoms. Her hands became numb, and she also lost the feeling in her feet and the sides of her legs. Amber also developed joint pain, and her muscles began feeling weak. These are signs of inflammation and potentially also autoimmunity.

The standard American diet, also appropriately known as the SAD diet, is the laboratory standard diet that is used to make a research animal develop a disease condition so that the disease can be studied. It also happens to be the default diet for much of the world, in particular the United States. The processed food and sugar industries actively promote it through a variety of channels, including influence on healthcare education and government regulations.

Amber decided, after almost three years of suffering, that she would look for a new diet. She switched to a ketogenic diet that was “mostly plant-based (less than 25% meat). That helped initially, but I would still flare and have extreme symptoms.”

There is still a commonly-held belief among many people that if a food is plant-based it must be healthy, but that’s certainly not always the case. Amber’s results would demonstrate this, as she would still experience recurrent problems. She says, “That helped initially, but I would still flare and have extreme symptoms.”

Amber’s symptoms were severe during flare-ups, and she would soon make the causal connection. Many plants are high in oxalates, a plant toxin that binds with minerals in the human body and can trigger everything from inflammation or kidney stones to more severe reactions such as autoimmune disease.

Amber noticed the correlation when this happened: “I noticed during my worst flare in April 2019 that the flare directly followed a stir-fry vegetarian meal high in greens, seeds, tofu, and olive oil to cook in.”

This flare-up was a bad one, and Amber studied during her downtime and learned more about plant toxins and the healing benefits of a carnivore lifestyle. “I was sick for months with numbness and joint pain, which led me to discover the existence of oxalates and the anti-inflammatory nature of the ketogenic carnivore lifestyle.” Sometimes learning is a cruel teacher, but Amber got the message.

The time had come for a drastic change, and Amber was ready. “In September I went full carnivore: Beef, lamb, organs, bone marrow, tallow, suet, etc.”

The healing benefits of meat soon took over, and Amber was rewarded with some welcome relief. “Within 14 days the numbness in my hands was resolved and within a month the remainder of the numbness was gone. Now 4 months in, I have minimal joint pain and my gait is unaltered. I have outstanding energy, mental clarity, and a true lust for life I’ve not had since my teenage years. Thank you carnivore diet and all the carnivore doctors and pioneers for showing me the light!”

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